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2023-2024 Executive Board

Meet the people committed to advancing our mission.

Riya Chatterjee

Co-Vice President / Secretary

Riya is a junior majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Business.

"In the future, I hope to attend medical school, as I am passionate for finding novel solutions to healthcare issues. In particular, I want to contribute to combatting global healthcare disparities by focusing on health equity and accessibility for all. Outside of school, I enjoy competitively swimming, going hiking, and watching psychological thrillers."

Riya Chatterjee headshot - Riya Chatterjee_edited.jpg

Karyna Caal

Co- Vice President / Volunteer Coordinator

Karyna is a junior majoring in Biology, Health, and Society.

"From a young age, I was able to see that health is at the core of everything in our lives. From knowing what it's like to live in a financially disadvantaged neighborhood to recognizing that my community did not have the accessibility to receive the greatest healthcare. I knew that I wanted to be part of reducing the gap in healthcare disparities for minority groups. As a future physician, I aim to build interpersonal relationships with my patients, while simultaneously assisting and educating communities of color to enhance the overall condition of Public Health. In my spare time, I love spending time in the kitchen trying out new recipes and listening to music. I am truly excited to sort with new and returning members this year!"

Karyna Caal_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Michael Tarcea


Michael is a junior majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and German. 

"Community service is the foundation on which a good healthcare system is built. I am aiming to pursue a degree in medicine following my graduation. In the meantime, the natural sciences interest me (I also study German for fun!). When I have free time, I love to play guitar, read books, and write."

pfp - Michael Tarcea_edited_edited_edite

Emerson Gersony

Fundraising Director

Emerson is a sophomore majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Creative Writing.

"Volunteering my time is how I help to round-out my pre-medical education. I love the work that United 2 Heal accomplishes through our mission and am passionate about ensuring further progress to fight healthcare disparity. I am studying neuroscience and hope to go into pediatrics. In my free time, I like to sew and hangout with my friends!"

IMG_6758 - Emerson Gersony_edited.jpg

Jannis Jacobs

Technical Team Co-Director

Jannis is a senior majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Physics.

"Currently, I am in my senior year and applying to biochemistry graduate programs. Outside of school, I love playing soccer and chess. This is my third year with United2Heal and my second year as a one of the tech teams co-directors. I look forward to seeing many new faces this year through the club!"

Profile Pic - Jannis Jacobs_edited.jpg

Jocelyn Cai

Marketing Director

Jocelyn is a sophomore majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology.

"For me, medicine represents an intersection between my fascination with the microscopic and macroscopic workings of the human body and my interest in positively impacting individuals and communities in a healthcare context. United 2 Heal gives me the opportunity to work towards reducing ongoing healthcare disparities across the globe, which I find extremely valuable. In my free time, I enjoy thrifting, going to cute cafes, traveling, and playing Word Hunt!"


Azeem Saifee 

Technical Team Co-Director

Azeem is a junior majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Education for Empowerment. 


"I plan to pursue a career in medicine that allows me to integrate preventative care at a community level and individual care for patients. My experiences in service learning and community engagement have helped me grow a passion for working and interacting with infants and children. I currently conduct research on protein quality control pathway involvement in Huntington's Disease. In my free time, I love reading, mountain biking, and kayaking."

20230507_074903 - Azeem Saifee_edited_ed

Rachel Tang

Social Director

Rachel is a junior majoring in Neuroscience and English.

"I am extremely interested in the fields of neuroscience and psychology! Mental health support is also very personal and important to me. Currently, I am a peer counselor for CAPS, but in the future I would like to continue a career in counseling/psychiatry services. In my free time I do pilates, bake, read, and watch tv with friends! As a student, United to Heal is a great way for me to help others through medicine while also learning more about the field!"

linkedin - Rachel Tang_edited.jpg

Kenneth Gu

Shipment Coordinator / Treasurer

Kenneth is a sophomore majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology.

"One of the most prominent issues that I've noticed within healthcare are health disparities affecting marginalized groups like BIPOC, queer people, and youth. In the future, I hope to provide more equitable healthcare within localized communities who might not have as many resources for underrepresented communities. Outside of school I enjoy running, cooking, and obsessively dyeing my hair."


Duncan Beecroft

Professional Development Co-Director

Duncan is a sophomore majoring in Economics.

"One of the advantages of growing up in a city like Boston is an abundance of world class hospitals–that get all the supplies they need. Knowing the benefits this has had on people in my life, and recognizing that some people don’t have that same access to healthcare–in part due to lack of supplies–is one of the reasons I’m passionate about United 2 Heal’s volunteering with World Medical Relief. I’m studying economics (and hopefully public policy) because I ultimately want to help write impactful legislation. In my free time I enjoy playing IM sports, solving crossword puzzles, and exploring Ann Arbor. "

BAR Headshot 1_edited.jpg

Grant Yu

Professional Development Co-Director

Grant is a sophomore majoring in Biochemistry.

"Medicine to me has always been the perfect crossroad between exploring life sciences and the act of philanthropy. Through United 2 Heal, I can bring my motives for becoming a physician into reality by helping communities globally. Currently, I am studying biochemistry and like skiing, playing piano, and finding new shows to watch in my free time."

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