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2022-2023 Executive Board

Meet the people committed to advancing our mission.

Justin Chung

Co-Vice President / Secretary

Justin is a senior majoring in Neuroscience.

"After graduating, I hope to pursue a medical degree. I am fortunate enough to have a strong fundamental education in the sciences, and I hope to apply that knowledge through health care to help those in communities that are less privileged. In my free time, I enjoy playing basketball, touring with friends, and eating good food."


Michael Tarcea

Co- Vice President / Volunteer Coordinator

Michael is a sophomore majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and German.

"Community service is the foundation on which a good healthcare system is built. I am aiming to pursue a degree in medicine following my graduation. In the meantime, the natural sciences interest me – particularly physics and molecular and cellular biology (I also study German for fun!). When I have free time, I love to play guitar and read."

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Gina Oh


Gina is a senior majoring in Biology, Health, and Society. 

"As an aspiring physician, I want to help equalize medicine across the world so that the best quality healthcare is accessible to everyone. I hope to leave a positive impact on the community by promoting health equity. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, listening to music, and spending time with family and friends."

IMG_4931 - Jieun Oh.JPG

Mehul Kedia

Fundraising Director

Mehul is a junior majoring in Biology.

"I am really passionate about outreach initiatives, especially initiatives that address the importance of children's healthcare. Upon completing my undergraduate degree, I hope to attend medical school and one day become a Pediatrician. In my free time, I enjoy playing spikeball with friends and sketching."

U2H Headshot - Mehul Kedia.jpeg

Jannis Jacobs

Technical Team Co-Director

Jannis is a junior majoring in Biochemistry

"Both the medical field and helping out both individuals and communities has always interested me. I am currently a junior and plan on hopefully continue on to medical school after I graduate. In my free time I love to play soccer and chess. I look forward to seeing many new faces at United to Heal this year!"

Profile Pic - Jannis Jacobs.jpeg

Riya Chatterjee

Marketing Director

Riya is a sophomore majoring in Neuroscience.

"In the future, I hope to attend medical school, as I am passionate for finding novel solutions to healthcare issues. In particular, I want to contribute to combatting global healthcare disparities by focusing on health equity and accessibility for all. Outside of school, I enjoy competitively swimming and watching psychological thrillers."

IMG_8138 - Riya Chatterjee.jpeg

Raymond Jiang

Technical Team Co-Director

"As a pre-med student, I believe that a true dedication to healthcare is best demonstrated through persistent, unconditional service to others. I currently conduct research on cell communication in the pulmonary immune system. When I have free time I enjoy working out and performing Chinese yo-yo."

Raymond headshot - Raymond Jiang.jpeg

Ali Pazooki

Workshop Director

Ali is a senior majoring in Sociology Health and Medicine 


"Despite following a pre med track I love to swim and enjoy watching film. I have been a swimmer since age of 6 and have competed in competitions across the country. I look forward to meeting you all and collaborating to help others in need."

1A3D60D1-4634-4D33-AE34-D900FFB5FB1A - Ali Pazooki.jpeg

Dallas Pine

Social Director

Dallas is a junior majoring in Economics.

"I am unsure on what I want to pursue in the future, however, I am sure that I want to contribute in some way to making this planet of ours a better place. I love to learn, and train and strengthen my body. I enjoy the company of family and friends in my free time as well."

IMG_20220828_194408 - Dallas Pine.jpeg

Selina Lu

Shipment Coordinator

Selina is a senior majoring in Biology, Health, and Society.

"I am passionate about social justice and eliminating inequities in the healthcare system. In the future, I plan on pursuing a medical degree in hopes of being a doctor that can provide quality care as well as advocate for their patients. Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my friends, listening to music, and painting!"

SelinaLuphoto - Selina Lu.jpg
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